Route 70km


The queen race, which will allow the most intrepid to cross all the symbolic localities of Val Grosina. The start is at 5 a.m. From Eita (first time gate) here, with about 24 km in your legs and 2000 m of positive height gain, the climb begins that will take you up to the Vermulera Pass (2734 m above sea level, the highest point of the entire race), passing through the Vermulera village (1940 m above sea level), the Tres lakes (2200 m above sea level) and the splendid Lake Venere (2410 m above sea level). The descent to Pian del Lac (2325 m a.s.l.) is steep but very manageable. Now is the time to enter the wild Val di Sacco, along the technically most complex stretch of the entire route, which after about 5 km will take you to Sapelaccio Lake (2580 m above sea level), and from there to the characteristic Bivacco Duilio (Duilio Bivouac). A descent that is very steep at first, and then gradually more regular, takes you to the Malghera factory (1964 m a.s.l., second hourly gate), from where you will climb up the other side to the majestic lake of the same name, which you will then go around and return to Malghera and head back towards Val di Sacco, soon deviating onto the path that in about 8km of continuous and demanding ups and downs, the last muscular stretch, will allow you to reach the splendid Biancadino alpine pasture (2260 m a.s.l.). The real climb is finally over, and the athletes will finally be able to let go of their legs and unleash their remaining energy along the descent that leads to Fusino (1200 m a.s.l., last refreshment point), through truly spectacular stretches of trail that will touch on Fopp. From here, through an asphalted section that runs along the homonymous dam, you will rejoin the road that leads to San Giacomo, where the last part of the race begins. The vision of the Castello Visconteo will be the last gift before the finish line, a sweet and well-deserved reward for all athletes who cross it.


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Estimated travel times


First competitor
Last competitor
  travel time time travel time time
1a Salita 2200mt 
1:30’ 6.30 2:50’ 7.50
2:00’ 7.00 3:45’ 8.45
Lago Acque Sparse
2:50’ 7.50 5:25’ 10.25
3:00’ 8.00 5:45’ 10.45
Baite Roasco
3:20’ 8.20 6:25’ 11.25
Laghi di Tres
3:35’ 8.35 7:00' 12.00
Pass dei mat
4:15 9.15 8:20’ 13.20
Pian dei Lach
4:30’ 9.30 8:45’ 13.45
Biv. Duilio
5:20’ 10.20 10:25’ 15.25
5:40’ 10.40 11:05’ 16.05
Lago di Malghera
6:10’ 11.10 12:00’ 17.00
6:25’ 11.25 13:00’ 18.00
7:35’ 12.35 16:50’ 20.50
8:10’ 13.10 18:20’ 23.00
8:35’ 13.35 19:00’ 0.00