Event regulation

Saturday, August 3, 2024 



A.S.D. U.S. GROSIO section RUPE MAGNA-ATLETICA is organizing on Saturday, August 3, 2024, the third edition of the "Valgrosina Trail" semi-self-sufficient mountain foot race, divided into three routes, along an alpine territory between Grosio and Valgrosina trails, with a total route of about 70 km and 5000 meters of positive elevation gain, in cooperation with the Municipality of Grosio.

The organization is affiliated with the CSEN sports promotion organization.



The Valgosina Trail consists of three races of different distances on trails and hiking paths in the mountains in and around Grosio. Competitors must complete their event in one go, running at an undefined pace but within the time limit as denoted by predefined cut-off times on the route.

  • Valgrosina Trail long distance: approx. 70 km with 5,000 m climbing, starting at 5:00 in the morning from the Piazza Comunale di Grosio, run in semi-autonomy, with a time limit of 17.30 hours.

  • Valgrosina Trail middle distance: approx. 38 km with 2,600 m climbing, starting at 7.30 in the morning from the Piazza Comunale di Grosio, run in semi-autonomy, with a time limit of 7.5 hours.

  • Valgrosina Trail short distance (competitive and non-competitive): approx. 12 km with 850 m climbing, starting at 8.30 in the morning from the Piazza Comunale di Grosio, run in semi-autonomy, with a time limit of 3.5 hours.



The event is open to all athletes aged 18 years or older on the day of the competition that are current members of the Italian Athletics Federation FIDAL; to those in possession of a Mountain & Trail RunCard or a RunCard valid on the day of the race; and to members of the CSEN sports association. Day memberships of CSEN may be obtained at an additional cost of 6 € while registering for the race.
The 12km non-competitive race is open to all, no membership card or fitness examination for competitive sport is required. There is no age limit; children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

To compete in any of the three competitive races, athletes must meet the following requirements:

  • For Italian nationals: athletes are required to have a valid medical certificate for participation in competitive athletics, valid on the day of the race and uploaded as per the regulations onto the entry website, or shown in person while collecting race numbers

  • For foreign athletes: You must be a member of a foreign athletics federation that is recognised by the IAAF or in possession of one of the aforementioned licenses. If an athlete does not meet this requirement, they will be expected to purchase a day license for CSEN for an additional cost of 6€ when registering for the race, as well as supplying a valid medical certificate. All foreign athletes must submit a medical form, which is signed by their general practitioner and valid for the day of the race. The form can be downloaded here and then uploaded as per the regulations onto the online registration platform.

If an athlete fails to provide the above-mentioned documents, they will not be allowed to collect their race number and therefore will not be permitted to partake in the race. In such an event, the athlete will not be reimbursed.

In order to partake in these races, it is necessary for all athletes to have sufficient experience crossing technical mountainous terrain to tackle such a course; not to suffer from vertigo; to be sufficient fit, healthy and well-trained; and to possess suitable attire throughout the race for temperatures between -5°C to +30°C.

The athlete must acknowledge and confirm that they are fully aware of the mountainous terrain in which these races take place as well as the technical elements contained within the courses.


As a rule, the three races in the Valgrosina Trail must be completed in semi-autonomy. The Valgrosina Trail races take place in one single stage, at an undefined pace, within the limits of the time barriers which are specified for each distance. Semi-autonomy is defined as having the capacity to be autonomous between two feed stations – this refers to hydration and nutrition, clothing and safety, as well as the ability to deal with unexpected or sudden issues such as bad weather, physical problems, or injury.

As a semi-autonomous race, the following rules apply:

  • Each athlete must have all of the obligatory kit throughout the duration of the race, either on their person or carried in a backpack (refer to section 7 for the OBLIGATORY KIT list). At any moment of the race, a member of the race staff can request to verify the backpack and its contents. Athletes are obliged to politely submit to these checks, otherwise risk being excluding from the race.

  • When leaving a feed station, all athletes must take care to ensure they have sufficient food and drink in order to reach the next feed station autonomously.

  • Outside of specially designated tolerance zones, athletes may not be accompanied at any point along the race route from anyone not registered in the race.



Registration open officially at 14.00 CET on 1 February 2024 and close on 27 July 2023  at 7PM. By the closing date for entries, each athlete is required to have completed all of the relevant steps as stipulated by the entry website.

  1. Entry process

Each athlete is required to enter through the official system as outlined by the race organisation. Other methods will not be permitted.
Race numbers will not be handed out without proof of a valid medical certification, or if an athlete has not completed all the relevant steps for entry.

  1. Entry fees

Entries must be made online and paid for securely via a credit or debit card.

Valgrosina Trail long distance

  • from 1/2/2024 to 30/4/2024 € 60,00

  • from 1/5/2024 to 15/7/2024 € 80,00

  • over € 90,00

Valgrosina Trail middle distance:

  • from 1/2/2024 to 30/4/2024 € 35,00

  • from 1/5/2024 to 15/7/2024 € 45,00

  • over € 55,00

Valgrosina Trail short distance:

  • from 1/2/2024 to 30/4/2024 € 15,00

  • over € 25,00

The entry fee includes:

  • race number

  • race pack

  • commemorative finisher’s gift

  • feed stations on the route

  • post-race meal

  • official timekeeping

The entry fee includes all of the services described in this document. It does not include the 5% bank fee to be paid during the entry process.
Entries will not be refunded for any reason other than those outlined in this document.



Race numbers and race packs will be distributed at the auditorium in Grosio on these two occasions:

  • Friday from 2.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

  • Saturday from 4.30 a.m. to 8.00 a.m.

Athletes will be required to provide proof of having entered the race in order to collect their race number and pack.

An athlete’s race number must be worn on the chest or stomach and must remain permanently and completely visible during the whole race. It must be placed on top of clothing and may not be positioned on a leg or backpack. An athlete’s race number serves as access to transport shuttles, buses, feed stations, medical posts, showers and changing rooms, and the bag drop/collection area.


Bags containing spare clothes for an athlete after the race can be deposited while an athlete collects their race number, or from 4 am onwards at the designated bag drop zone.
All items must be enclosed within the specific bag supplied with an athlete’s race pack.
Bags must be collected before the arrival of the final competitor on Saturday. An athlete will be required to show their race number in order to collect their bag.
Please avoid putting valuable objects in the kit bag for bag drop. The organising committee do not accept any responsibility in the event of loss or damage during the transport of the bags. 



Long distance

The following equipment is mandatory throughout the whole race:

  • Water supply of at least 1 litre

  • Race number clearly visible throughout

  • Emergency blanket

  • Whistle

  • Working mobile phone, set on loud volume, listing the race organisation’s emergency number

  • Wind- and waterproof jacket with a hood (Gore-Tex or similar are recommended)

  • Long-sleeve top or a short-sleeve top with separate arm sleeves

  • Cap or bandana

  • Fully functioning headtorch with at least 7 hours of battery life

  • Cup/drinking vessel

  • Appropriate apparel/footwear

  • Poles are permitted

The following items are recommended for the race:

  • Long-sleeve base layer or microfleece

  • Full-leg or three-quarter-length tights

  • Gloves

Middle and short distance

The following equipment is mandatory throughout the whole race:

  • Water supply of at least 1 litre

  • Race number clearly visible throughout

  • Working mobile phone, set on loud volume, listing the race organisation’s emergency number

  • Appropriate apparel/footwear

  • Poles are permitted

Obligatory kit may be carried in an athlete’s backpack if not in use.

The race organisers reserve the right to amend and extend the obligatory kit list depending on the weather forecast. The organisers also reserve the right to carry out checks before the start, on a random basis, and at the finish, to ensure that athletes are carrying/wearing the obligatory kit/clothing during the competition.


Athletes must be present on the following start lines:

  • Long distance: c/o piazza comune in Grosio before 4:30. The official start is 5.00.

  • Middle distance: c/o piazza comune in Grosio before 7:00. The official start is 7.30.

  • Short course: c/o piazza comune in Grosio before 8:00. The official start is 08.30.


The race briefing will include race information, details on the three distances, useful advice, and the presentation of elite athletes. The briefing will be held on friday at 6:00 p.m. at Grosio’s "sala della Comunità".


  • Valgrosina Trail long distance: approximately 70 km with 5,000 m climbing. Start: 5:00 at the Piazza Comunale in Grosio, to be run in semi-autonomy within 17.30 hours.

  • Valgrosina Trail middle distance: approximately 38 km with 2,600 m climbing. Start: 7:30 at the Piazza Comunale in Grosio, to be run in semi-autonomy within 7.5 hours.

  • Valgrosina Trail short course: approximately 12 km with 850 m climbing. Start: 08:30 at the Piazza Comunale in Grosio, to be run in semi-autonomy within 3.5 hours.

The three races at the Valgrosina traverse various kinds of terrain, including technical trails that demand good hiking skills and the ability to cross high-Alpine landscapes with exposed sections at times.

The gpx. files for the three distances can be downloaded on the Valgrosina Trail website. The race organisers reserve the right to modify the routes at any time and athletes will be notified.

Should adverse weather conditions occur, or one or more trails become impassable, alternative routes will be outlined during the pre-race briefing.

Competitors should adhere strictly to the marked race route without any shortcuts, no cutting of switchbacks or any other off-trail shortcuts. Any variations from the official marked route will lead to disqualification and shall be at the sole risk and peril of the athlete.


These races must be run in semi-autonomy.

Long distance: 8 feed stations

  • 8km LOC. CIGOZ

  • 15km LOC. REDASCO


  • 30km TRES

  • 34km LOC. PIAN DEL LAC



  • 63km LOC. FUSINO

Middle distance: 5 feed stations

  • 5km LOC. CIGOZ

  • 12km LOC. REDASCO


  • 32km LOC. PODA

Short distance

  • 3.5km LOC. PODA

Only athletes with a visible start number will have access to the feed stations.

Any rubbish must be disposed of into the correct bins.

When leaving a feed station, each athlete is required to have sufficient fluid and nutritional reserves in order to make it to the next checkpoint.

There will be a feed station located at the finish line.

You will be able to refill water bottles and cups at fountains and other water sources along the route.

Athletes may purchase additional beverages and food at the mountain huts along the route. Any costs arising from such purchases will be the athlete’s responsibility.



The organisers of the Valgrosina Trail kindly ask athletes not to litter. Athletes found not showing due respect for nature will be reported for misconduct and may be disqualified

The landscape is beautiful, but it really needs us to show it due respect.

There will be designated GREEN ZONES (AREE GREEN) along the route, where athletes may dispose of any rubbish.

By entering one of the three Valgrosina Trail races, athletes promise to respect the environment in which the events take place, which includes:

  • Littering of any kind is forbidden (gel wrappers, paper, organic waste, plastic packaging, etc), Use the designated green zones to dispose of your litter correctly.

  • Store your litter on your person until you reach a designated green zone. The organisers suggest bringing a small bag in which athletes can transport litter (gel wrappers, bar wrappers, etc) and then dispose of the bag correctly at the next feed zone.

  • It is obligatory to follow the waymarked trails without taking any shortcuts. By cutting a corner, an athlete is not only disrespecting to environment but also causing erosion and potential danger.

The races take place in a natural mountain landscape, including specific dedicated nature reserves, protected areas and similar. This means that athletes must show the utmost respect and any athlete found not showing due respect will be reported for misconduct and may be disqualified immediately.



The maximum time to reach the finish line is:

  •   Valgrosina Trail long route: 17:30 hours.
  •   Valgrosina Trail medium route: 07:30 hours.
  •   Valgrosina Trail short route: 03:30 hours. 

The long distance Valgrosina Trail has a 17-hour time limit, which means that race officially concludes at 22:00 on Saturday. There will a ‘broom wagon’ following the last competitors on the course, thereby helping any athletes who decide not to complete the course and ensuring that no injured or withdrawing athlete is left without assistance.

At the following two cut-off times, there will be a shuttle service to transport athletes back to the start/finish if they have failed to depart the checkpoint prior to these predetermined cut-off times.


There will be two time gates, where a shuttle bus will be available for late arrivals:

  •   EITA REFUGE (25km) by 11:30 am on Saturday
  •   MALGHERA REFUGE (42km) by 17:30 on Saturday

The maximum time to reach the finish line is 17.30 hours (by 22.30 on Saturday). A "broom service" will follow the last runner along the course, to help those who have retired and to avoid injuries being left unattended.


A time gate will be set up, where there will be a shuttle bus for late arrivals back to the finish area:

  •   EITA REFUGE (25km) by 13:30 on Saturday

Athletes who fail to meet the predetermined cut-off times will be withdrawn from the race and their start number must be handed in.

To protect the health of all athletes, rescuers and medical staff at checkpoints or along the course are permitted to disqualify any athlete who they deem incapable of finishing the course. In this case, an athlete must follow the instructions of the medical staff or risk immediate disqualification.

An athlete failing to depart the checkpoints prior to the cut-off times will be judged by medical staff as being unfit or unable to finish the race within the prescribed time. These athletes, as well as those who have voluntarily withdrawn from the race, will have access to a shuttle that will transport them to the finish.

For logistical reasons, it is possible that athletes may have to wait for transport to the finish. Any athlete who withdraws along the route must immediately inform the race organisers of their withdrawal via an SMS or telephone call to the specified phone number. An athlete voluntarily withdrawing along the route must make their way independently to Grosio.

If the organisation is not appropriately equipped to provide the necessary medical support for an athlete in need, the assistance of official emergency services will be requested immediately.



Rescue call-out stations will be located at key points along the route with radio and/or phone contact to the race organisers.

Rescue posts are authorized to assist any person in danger with the appropriate and conventional medical measures, using the equipment at their disposal. An athlete in difficulty or seriously injured may call upon the rescuers and medical staff in the following ways:

  • Reaching the nearest rescue call-out station or medical post and asking for help directly

  • Calling the specified phone number listed on the race number

  • Asking another athlete to request help on their behalf

All athletes are required to help fellow athletes in need, which includes immediately informing race staff in the event than an athlete is hurt. Athletes may not contact external emergency services independently of the race.

Please be aware that in the event of adverse weather conditions or other unpredictable circumstances relating to the race and not only, the rescue call-out team may take longer than expected. As such, it’s fair to say an athlete’s safety depends on the items that are listed in the obligatory kit list and carried in an athlete’s backpack.

Rescuers and official medical staff, as well as all of the staff in the race organisation, are permitted to:

  • disqualify any competitor who they deem incapable of finishing the course

  • stipulate that all athletes must have every item as listed in the obligatory kit list on their person throughout the event

  • evacuate an athlete deemed to be at risk, direct the operation and put into action any suitable measures

  • ensure hospitalisation for an athlete if their state of health warrants it

An athlete calling on a doctor or a rescuer submits him or herself to their authority and undertakes to accept their decisions. 



The race organisers may disqualify participants for breaking the following rules:

  • skipping a checkpoint

  • taking a shortcut

  • littering

  • ignoring a fellow athlete in need

  • insulting or abusing a member of the race staff or volunteer

  • using public transport during the race

  • refusing to be controlled by a medical staff during the race

  • refusing to have their obligatory kit checked along the route

  • not fulfilling the obligatory kit requirements

If any participant is found to have broken any of these rules, they may be immediately disqualified by race organisers.



All athletes crossing the finish line will receive a commemorative gift.



Showers and changing room facilities are available near to the finish. To access the facilities, you will be required to show your race number.



Non-cash prizes will be distributed as follows:

  • Long distance: top 5 men/top 5 women.

  • Short and middle distance: top 3 men/top 3 women.

  • Age category winners across all races will also receive prizes. Overall winners will be exempt from age group prizes.

    • 1 M/F Cat A 40/50

    • 1 M/F Cat B 50/60

    • 1 M/F Cat C over 60

All athletes crossing the finish line after completing their race will be awarded a commemorative gift.

The prize-giving ceremony will take place in the marquee at the Campo Fiera in Grosio:

  • Short and middle distance: at 15:00 on Saturday afternoon

  • Long distance: at 19:00 on Saturday evening

Prizes must be collected in person.

If an athlete is absent at the prize-giving ceremony, they automatically lose the right to their prize.



Any complaints or appeals regarding violations of the rules, results or decisions, must be submitted in writing within 10 days of the event.



If the circumstances demand it, the organisation reserves the right to alter the race routes, the start times, the cut-off times, the location of the emergency services and the feed stations, and any other aspect relating to the smooth running of the event at any moment.

In the event of adverse weather conditions or any other situation that may put athletes at risk during the race, the organisation reserve the right to:

  • Delay the start time (even to Sunday in case of particularly bad weather)

  • Alter the cut-off times

  • Change the date of the race

  • Adjust the race programme, including modifying or shortening the route

  • Neutralise the race

  • Cancel the race

  • Interrupt the race while in progress

The following reimbursements will be made in certain cases:

  • 70% of the start fee will be reimbursed if an athlete withdraws before 31 July 2023

  • If an athlete submits a request later than 31 July 2023, their start fee will not be reimbursed.

Reimbursements will be carried out within a month of the race taking place.

At the discretion of the race organisers, entries may be re-allocated to another athlete for a one-off fee of 10 euros up to one week before the race. 

If the event is postponed or cancelled due to forces outside of the race organisers’ control, all entries will be automatically deferred to the next edition. Athletes will not receive any refunds or compensation.



All athletes are strongly encouraged to monitor the race’s social media channels as well as the office website in order to stay up to date with proceedings.


Civil liability
The organisation will take out a civil liability insurance policy that covers the entirety of the races. This insurance policy covers the responsibility of the organisation itself, its staff, and all race participants.



Entries may not be retracted but it is possible for an athlete to defer their entry to the following year or to change the name of the registered athlete. Any alternations such as these must be done in writing by emailing info@valgrosinatrail.it on 31/07/23. Requests made by telephone will be not accepted.



Through their participation, each athlete expressly agrees and gives authorisation to the organisation for unlimited use of his/her image, photos and/or videos from during the Valgrosina Trail for marketing and promotional purposes.

Every competitor expressly foregoes the right for any images during the event, just as they renounce any right of appeal to the organisers and their partners for the use of their image. Only the organisation can transfer this right for images to any media, via an accreditation or relevant license.

All communication about the event or the use of images from the event must respect the name of the event and have official approval from the organization.


According to the French Data Protection Act of August 6, 1978, and in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulations (EU RGPD 2016/679), all athletes have the right to access and amend every information concerning them.

The information is collected as part of the entry process for one of the Valgrosina Trail races, for the needs of the organisation, in order to identify each athlete, and in order to communicate information related to an athlete’s participation before, during or after the event.

The data of each athlete will be stored for 10 years. This period is renewable at each registration and corresponds to the legal data retention period of the medical certificate submitted and their race license. After 10 years – or unless an athlete authorizes the organization to retain their data – all data will be deleted apart from an athlete’s surname, first name, date of birth, gender and nationality to maintain the rankings.  

All athletes can access their personal data on the website used for race entry.

If an athlete wishes to modify their data, they must send a request by email to usgrosio.rupemagna@gmail.com

Any request for access or personal data modification will be processed as soon as possible and at the latest within one month of receiving the request.




Participating in the Valgrosina Trail event implies full and unreserved acceptance of the regulations presented in this document, the ethics of the event and any instructions addressed by the organisation to the athletes.


By entering one of the three Valgrosina Trail races, an athlete expressly exonerates the organisers from all liability, civil or penal, caused by any incident or accident that results in the athlete or the athlete’s possessions sustaining damage or injury during or as a consequence of the Valgrosina Trail.